Create or Update a New Lead

post https://api.kickofflabs.com/v2/CAMPAIGN_ID

Adds a new lead or modifies an existing lead on your campaign.

Required Parameters

  • api_key*: Your account’s API Key- email (or phone_number): The email address of the lead

You can supply both an email and phone_number if you have both of them.

Optional Parameters

  • ip: By default, we use the IP address of the request. This is great if your are using ajax to make the request. However, if you are making the request on the server, you may want to include user’s ip address
  • __url: The URL which the lead signed up on.
  • __ref: The referrer url the lead came from.
  • __user_agent: The user agent of the lead.
  • __source: This will default to API, but you can change it to something unique. This is helpful if you are sending leads in from various sources. In additional, if source is API, we will not perform duplicate IP address checks

Custom Fields

Any additional parameters you include when signing up a lead will be captured as custom fields.

* You can disable the requirement for each campaign in the KickoffLabs dashboard. KickoffLabs recommends you leave this on unless you have to handle new lead sign ups in client side code.

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